Kittens Expected Soon

I am expecting Kittens from the following Queens, please contact me if you would like to reserve or have your name added to the wait list.


Tseen-She & Comet. Confirmed pregnant, Kittens due from 9 September 2017 - Kittens will be Blues & Browns and possibly some Tabbies.

Aurore & Comet. Pregnancy confirmed, kittens due from 17 September and ready for new homes from the beginning of 2018


Lucy & Galileo - Confirmed pregnant, kittens expected from 5 October 2017. Kittens will be Lilac and Blue and ready for new homes from the beginning of 2018

Sialaxy Isla Sunset & Flint: confirmed pregnant kittens ready from 15th July 2017
(Isla is owned by Judith Richards (Ambaseli)

Mist & Galileo: Six kittens (5 male 1 female) arrived on time 8 July 2017.

Cassiopeia & Flint: One Female Kitten born 12 July 2017.

Mei-Xing & Galileo: Five kittens (Two Blue Point male One Chocolate female, One Blue Point female, One Seal Point female) born 21st July 2017,

Isadora & Galileo: Eight kittens (Four female, Four male) born 22nd July 2017