Kittens For Adoption

Anyone interested in adopting one of my kittens is advised to contact me if you are considering adoption. Please note I am unable to reserve kittens to new adoptees until a visit has been made. The Traditional Siamese are not easy to obtain and you should allow up to six months to be successful. Recently a number of Tonkinese breeders have retired so there is also a shortage of Tonkinese. I will always try and help you to locate a kitten if I myself cannot fulfil your requirements.

The following Kittens are available to approved loving Homes, please contact me if you would like to adopt.


Taurina & Boysie's kittens: One Brown Male TCR, One Brown Female TCR. Ready now

Zohreh & Corrie's kittens: Two Blue Tabby females. Ready now

Shenandoah & Hamish's kittens: One Seal CPP Male. Ready now.

Columbae & Corrie's kittens: One Blue CPP Male; One Blue TCR male; One Blue TCR Female
Ready now.



Chai-Lai & Magic Six kittens - Five Male (all provisionally reserved), One Female; All will be Chocolate Point and will be ready from 9 September 2017

Mei-Xing & Galileo: Two Blue Point male, One Chocolate female, One Blue Point female, One Seal Point female
Ready from 23 October 2017

Isadora & Galileo: Eight kittens: Four female, Four male. Ready from 23rd October 2017

Wicca Mistletoe & Magic - 7 kittens born 1 April - please contact Paula - Email: