11 August 2015


Tonkyway Columbae


Ch. Hylily Priceless Picasso


Shenandoah (Native American for Daughter of the stars). Shen is a lovely, lively Tonk who gets on extremely well with her mum and who will remain with her during her time with me. I plan to show her. 4th June . . . . . red card day. Shen unfortunately was not overly happy about showing so have decided not to continue showing just concentrate on breeding her as she is a very hormonal cat.

2017 July - Shen has now been spayed and retired due to developing a pyometra. She has been offered a very loving home locally by Pat. Pat has a lovely home in the countryside and Shen will enjoy the freedom of hunting as well as being a pampered and much loved lap cat.

4 June 2016 - Cambria & Bristol Shows at Thornbury. This was Shen's first time out as an adult but she behaved very well considering she was quite nervous. A red card day